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How to Make Payments 
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Donations and Activity Fees

School Donations:


Each year the Board of Trustees asks school whanau to donate to help fund additional staff including:


  • Learning Assistants 

  • Literacy Support

  • Gifted and Talented Program

  • Performing Arts


  • Movement


School Donation Request

1 Child: $160 

2+ Children: $260 


Any support you are able to offer is graciously received. 


Did you know? All school donations are tax deductible at 33.33% ($160 = $53, $260 = $86, $500 = $166)

Activity Fee

Throughout the year staff may plan activities that fall outside of the schools ability to fund.  This includes trips, activities, and camps.


When these are in the planning stages an email is sent asking if you are able  to financially support the activity. If enough whanau agree to pay the activity donation it is likely that the activity can go ahead. Please keep an eye out for these communications.

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