To be the best we can be
Kia eke ki ng
ā taumata tiketike




I belong

I am responsible for who I am, what I do and my attitude each day
I am self-managing and a problem solver
I am honest

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I have excellent manners

I have kind words and kind actions
I focus on solutions 
I am positive and grateful 

I am an active listener

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I am helpful and supportive
 I work well with others
I communicate well with others
I listen to others and learn from others

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I know my next learning steps

I work hard to do my best and achieve my goals
I am willing to try new things 
I celebrate my creativity

and learning with others

Connect (4).png
Connect (4).png

Connect/ Hono 

We strive to build relationships with learners, whanau, teacher, school, community.
We find out about our learners (whanaungatanga), how they learn, what their interests are, what gets them excited, their passions and talents, their curiosities!

Connect (3).png
Connect (3).png

Challenge/ Whakatara

Taking the next steps to grow, learning from mistakes, trying new things/ giving it a go and keep going (karawhiua), going into the learning pit (out of my comfort zone), exploring, justifying, discovering, creating, extending myself to go to a new level (persist, persevere, risk take), resilience.

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Connect (2).png

Empower/ Whakamana


Our teachers give the power to  students, to work with them (not to give work to them). They create choice and help children be self managing - taking responsibility for their next steps, what their learning can look like, who they work with, where they work and when they do things.


Together we inspire learning
Whakahui whakamanawa tatou ako