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What's our Why?


  • The computer is a powerful multifunctional tool that can support teaching, learning and the learner. It is a calculator, encyclopedia, camera, phone, book, stationery item and much more all in one.

  • It is the tool of today and tomorrow and if we are preparing children to live meaningfully and responsibly in their world we need to play our part in educating students about this tool.

  • As a tool it has the power to increase engagement in student learning and optimise productivity, communication and connectivity whilst enhancing creativity, collaboration and innovation.

  • It has the ability to individualise instruction and personalise learning.

  • It supports our vision for the learner of connecting, challenging and empowering.

  • As a tool it enables students, families and teachers to access their learning anytime and anywhere.

  • It is an important tool in supporting our inquiry based approach to the curriculum.

  • It is an excellent communication tool that is quick and can be used effectively on many fronts, in many ways – home/school, student/teacher, student/parents.

  • It is a great way for adults to keep in touch with the learning of their child and ask informed questions.

  • In terms of empowerment it gives students a great platform within which to teach.

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