Year 2

A huge welcome to all Parents, Friends, Students and Whanau! 

We encourage you to take a look through the classes within our Year Two team to see what we're up to on our learning journeys.

As the year progresses each class will update pages to display their activities.

Here are some useful websites we recommend. You may like to access them for use with your children at home.

Animated reading site for emergent readers. It contains interactive books and word family games that teach phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling skills.
Reading Eggs
Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.
Have you ever wondered about things? Explore all of the wonders in the world and learn about technology, science, maths, people, history and more!
The Secret Door
What is behind the door? Explore places from around the world!
Cool Math Games
Free online based program that has a range of strategy, skill, number and strand maths. This site has games that develop thinking, processing, logic, sequencing and ordering in maths.
Enhancing Literacy with ICT
Rochelle Jensen's blog links elearning activities and websites specifically to the Literacy Learning Progressions". Some of these are particular activities in sites mentioned above.
Storyline Online
Stories read by Award Winning actors and actresses and produced by the Screen Actors Guild.
Spelling City
Practice your spelling on lists A, B, C, D and more online at spelling city!