ROAD SAFETY WEEK 6th- 12th MAY 2019

THANK YOU DRIVERS. Our TravelWise Team was out last term conducting a survey of speeds past our school using the speed cameras from Auckland Transport. We measured speeds of 72 cars going passed our school in the time we were out, and the fastest speed was 48 km/hr. The average speed was just 29 km/hr! Thank you to everyone who was driving carefully past our school.



Dropping off and picking up children as close to the school gate as possible may be convenient for you, but can cost another family a lifetime of pain and suffering. All of our children deserve the chance to grow up and experience life to its fullest.

Parking restrictions are in place near schools for a reason. They protect our communities’ children.

  • Always observe all parking restrictions near our school
  • Always use the school patrol crossing
  • Choose safety over convenience at all times
  • Where possible walk or join a Walking School Bus with your child



A good way for your child to learn and practice road safety rules.

We now have four walking school buses at our school. We would love to have you join us - it’s a free, fun and healthy way to get to school! Children walk in a group with an adult supervising. Great for learning road safety and for making friends. You can join at the start of the route or join along the way as we walk to school.Parents who live further out - you can drive your children part way to school and then they can join a walking school bus to walk the rest of the way. Avoid the parking issues around school - start the day a more relaxed way. Links are provided for an online form to sign up if you are interested. We are always happy to have more children, and would also love more adult volunteers.

Travelwise information can be found on our school website.