Student Successes


Amazing local author Stu Duval spent the morning developing characters and an exciting plot with Omar, a young budding author. Together they invented Captain Tree Pants and his evil nemesis The Evil Hackster. We hope to share the adventures with you soon!

Thanks, Stu for your inspiration and for sharing your skills with us!




B2 have been learning to write their own haiku poems. Haiku poems are 3 lined poems, that has a specific structure, line 1 must have 5 syllables, line 2, 7 syllables and line 3, 5 syllables. Our Haiku poems are about nature.



Autumn leaves floating.

People kick the fallen leaves.

Say bye to summer.

By Tui Whatling B2



hungry eagles eat

The scared birds watch interror

forest goes quiet

By Logan Clough B2


Snow Foxes Haiku

Foxes running fast

Snow drifts slowly through the air

Paws pounce up and down

By Carolina Kuklin B2



Cold wind blows the trees

Rain drops down, lightning strikes trees

Ground rumbles houses

By Hunter Lindsay-Alvey B2




On Tuesday, Team M&M (Y5/6 class) held a Market Day. It all started when Mrs O brought the class two $5 notes and then asked us to grow the $5 into as much money as they could. The class pitched their ideas to Miss Hart and Mr Unwin in a 'Dragon's Den' themed way and then the ideas with the most possibilities were selected - which was a hard choice!
Two groups were chosen (face painting and a balloon pop game), however two other groups had found sponsorship from Frostbland, Jay Jays, Nicks, Hibiscus Dental Laboratory Ltd and Aspire Homes for Living, so it was decided that they could also run with their ideas (selling ice-cream and cupcakes, stress balls, a hoop game, brownies and cookies). Finally another group realised they could create a stall without using any money (loombands and bookmarks).
Team M&M worked really hard over a 10 day period integrating Inquiry learning, Reading, Writing and Mathematics and created an outstanding Market Day for all of our Brightside Learning Community to enjoy. We are still counting the earnings, however our earnings will be split into three groups - 'share' - give to a charity, 'spend' - purchase school supplies and reinvest into another marketing venture and 'save' - give to the PFA.
Mr Unwin and Miss Hart are SUPER proud of all the members of Team M&M!