Lockdown and Emergency Procedures

At Whangaparaoa Primary we take health and safety very seriously which is why we carry out regular emergency drills to practise and hone our procedures. There are clear, simple instructions for each drill displayed in every classroom and around the school. Teachers go over the drills with the students at the start of each term to make sure they are familiar with the procedures.

Fire drills are carried out once a term. When the fire siren rings, we all make our way sensibly to the class names on the field fence. Rolls are called to ensure everyone is present.

Lockdown drills are carried out twice a year. On hearing the lockdown signal, students and teachers remain in classrooms, or make their way quickly to the nearest classroom. Doors are locked and blinds pulled down. Depending whether the lockdown is real or precautionary, students and teachers either assemble on the floor silently at a safe place in the classroom, or continue to work quietly at their desks. We ask that you do not contact the school via phone, or come to the school in a lockdown. Communication between the school and the community in a lockdown will take place via Facebook and Linc Ed to keep parents fully informed and to keep phone lines free for communication with the police.

An earthquake and tsunami drill is carried out in Term 3 to coincide with International Shakeout Day. When the earthquake signal is heard, students drop, cover and hold in the classroom before they follow their teacher to high ground via agreed on routes.