Learning Assistants


  • They are curriculum learning support for the students – 1 adult per 2 rooms, trained by teachers
  • Predominantly there to support students and teachers in reading, writing and maths
  • Teacher is still the professional so planning, teacher, reporting an interaction with parents is their responsibility
  • 10–15 hours per week for Year 1-6 (Monday-Thursday)
  • Basically there for a time period in first 2 blocks


  • Potentially as year progresses the teacher and teaching / learning time increases
  • Another pair of eyes and ears
  • A person with talents, resources and knowledge to tap into
  • Consistency in room and communication of programme if reliever used
  • Teachers can test and keep the programme going with a learning assistant
  • Professional development opportunities – e-learning, PE, reading, writing, maths
  • COSMDBRICs, Lexia and other intervention programmes could happen with students in all rooms
  • Opportunities for immediate feedback if being observed, (can be done in the room at the time)
  • Greater collaboration with staff and parents – also as classrooms move to be more collaborative, it is a positive stepping stone
  • Potentially also helping parents – in terms of having a job, securing a job (maybe in teaching) and also as a resource to their children and others in the community around them



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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)