Key Responsibilities

What is a Board of Trustees?
The Board of Trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school. A Board is made up of the principal, a number of elected parent trustees and an elected staff trustee.

What is the Board’s role?
The Board is the employer of all staff in the school, is responsible for setting the schools strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students, and ensuring that its school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students. Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.

What is the Board’s main objective?
To ensure that every student at the school is able to attain his or her highest possible standard in educational achievement.

What does the Board not do?
The Board is not directly involved in the day to day running of the school. A school's principal is the Board's chief executive in relation to the school's control and management and he or she has complete discretion to manage the school's day-to-day administration.
The Board’s focus is governance - What do we want to achieve?
The principal’s focus is management - How are we going to get there?