We believe that home time is a time for family, rest, relaxation, fun, sports, cultural and other interests. (the whole child)

  • We do not support ‘busy work’ which is unrelated to what is being learnt in class and is not at their learning level
  • Students and teachers need to be fresh and focused for their learning time at school
  • Research worldwide shows there are no academic gains achieved from children year 6 and below doing homework
  • Learning happens in all sorts of ways and does not need to be confined to "school learning"

What do we expect at home?  Home sharing and preparing.

  • Your children should still be reading either a book from school or a book of their choice each night. They could also spend time doing a little bit extra  e.g. spelling words or basic facts
  • We encourage all children to be self managing so being organised for the following day is important e.g. putting swimming togs in their school bag, having their reader and school uniform ready etc
  • Communicating your child's learning and school information to home is essential. There will be one class communication each week (Monday) which will include an outline of the learning in class that week. The school newsletter on Thursdays will cover general information
  • Lots of talk about best moments today and sharing learning is important – most important thing: giving your child TIME



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