Check In meetings

On 22 August we will be having ‘Check In’ meetings. This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet with the class teacher to follow up any areas from the mid year report. It is also a chance to check in with how your child is going so far this term.

FAQs re ‘Check in’ Meetings

  • The meetings are scheduled for this day. If however, you are feeling well informed at this point you can check in with the teacher at some other time.
  • School will close at 12.30pm and we ask that children are collected promptly, or booked into After School Care.
  • Our school values of ORCA empower students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. As such, these meetings are for you to attend with your child.
  • Due to time constraints we can only accommodate one interview time for each child.
  • Each interview will be 12 minutes. If you have more than one child please don’t book back-to-back meeting times but allow yourself time between meetings.
  • Interviews can be booked on this link
    Password: nymrf
  • If you wish to discuss something without your child present please arrange a meeting with the child’s teacher, separate to the ‘Check In’ times. You are always welcome to do this at anytime throughout the year.