Board Members

Our board is made up of seven elected parent representatives, our principal and one elected staff trustee, all of who are in office for a term of three years.

Kevin Cronin - Principal

Maiana McCurdy - Staff representative


I have been teaching at Whangaparaoa School for 13 years and have 3 children of my own, a 28 year old step-son, and 15 and 4 year old sons. I have been living in Whangaparaoa since my parents moved here when I was 18 months old, and currently live in Stanmore Bay with my husband and 2 of our 3 children. I have a long association with our school, my 3 brothers and I are all ex-pupils, and I have had my nephew, niece, and one of my own children all come through our school since I started working here. I have been teaching for close to 20 years now, and I am passionate about making our school the absolute best that it can be for our tamariki.


Chairperson- Rhys Finn

My family and I have lived on the coast for 9yrs and we have two children attending our school. I am one of two directors of a medium sized building firm and have a passion for property and construction. I enjoy our community spirit. I want our students learning environments and school grounds to look and be the best they can be, not only for our Students but our Teachers, Parents and the wider community, so we can all be proud of being a part of Whangaparaoa School. I want to assist in any way possible and help this school develop and it's students to succeed.

Claire Scott  

Hi, I’m Claire. Our family is enjoying our 5th year of association with Whangaparaoa School, having moved up from Arrowtown School. My husband Jude and I have three children, a son who has moved on to college, and two girls at school here. It's been an exciting time watching the growth and development of the school, and we love the values and pride Whangaparaoa instills into the children. I feel very fortunate to be part of a wonderful Board and have learnt many skills along the way. 

Helen Brown 

I have two children, Harry and Joshua who have just moved into Year 5 and 3 respectively. I was born and grew up in England before moving to New Zealand in 2001. My husband Rick and I met on the Coastal Classic sailing race and are both still avid sailors. We recently returned to New Zealand after 10 years living in London.

Professionally I am a qualified chartered surveyor specialising in commercial property advisory. Whilst I don’t have a professional educational background I am very interested in taking an active role in influencing the quality of education and the educational environment. Since my children have started school I have tried to become involved in their classrooms and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the education process both in NZ and the UK.
I see being on the Board at Whangaparaoa School an excellent way for me to use my skills to help create a great learning environment that will enable students to achieve their potential whilst at our wonderful school.

Jenny Lisefski

Hello, I'm Jenny Lisefski and I have two sons at our school. My husband, Benek, and I moved our family to Whangaparaoa in 2015 because we were looking for a coastal community with an incredible school - we feel very lucky to have found all that right here in Manly.
I am currently in my first term on the board and feel very comfortable and confident with the wonderful state our school is in. One of my focuses is Health, Safety, and Wellbeing and I sit on the H&S committee ensuring that the board is following best practice for our students and staff.
As a parent representative I am always listening out for the parent voice and you'll see me at virtually all school community meetings, PFA meetings, and around school. Please don't be shy to say hi.
Our school is really wonderful, and I'm excited to see how it improves over the years. I'm honored to be a part of it.

Warren Rogers

Our family moved onto the coast 6 years ago after a long time away in the UK & Australia. We are originally from the South Island and we wanted to get back to New Zealand to raise our children. We discovered Manly and our school by accident, and have loved it since.
I have two girls at school and it has been eye opening to see so many areas that have grown and developed over their time here. I feel that students, staff and community alike take great pride in our school, it’s environment and in achievement.
I have a background as an accountant but moved into IT systems and then finally into project management. For the last 10 years I have been out of corporate life and running a furniture business alongside my wife which I am passionate about and takes up most waking moments.
I was elected to the board in 2019. So far I am enjoying discovering more about education, and hope to apply my experience to help the school continue to be well run and successful for all.

Andrew Ung

I’m a newly converted Coastie and for the last few years I have enjoyed living in this unique and community feel of the Coast. My Wife Sylvie is a teacher at Whangaparaoa School and our son Logan has recently started started there..

I come from a background of Business, Consulting and Management. I am very passionate about education and want to be a part of the continued progress of giving our students the best learning opportunities to grow. I am a big advocate for education and the progress and achievement of our children and school as a whole.
I am currently retraining profession, and will be a teacher at Orewa College starting in Term 3 2020.

On the weekends and during the week you will find me coaching Football to our young children in the community and also playing.

I am very proud to be part of the Whangaparaoa School Community and want to continue to help enable our teachers, staff, students and our families’ progress and achieve to be the best we can be so our school can continue to be the best place for everyone.

It makes me a proud father to see how much Logan has developed through his time so far at Whangaparaoa and I’m thankful for his teachers and the school for providing him his opportunities.

I am a firm believer of the Whangaparaoa’s ORCA values. It is through these values we will be able to drive achievement and progress through our children.
Whangaparaoa School plays a significant role in the wider Hibiscus Coast community and through our school we can continue to make a positive impact and make our community a better place to live.



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Board Members

Board Members

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