Board Members

Our board is made up of seven elected parent representatives, our principal and one elected staff trustee, all of who are in office for a term of three years.

Kevin Cronin - Principal

Maiana Waugh - Staff representative

Brad Gibbons - Chairperson

My family and I have lived in the area for 18 years and love the Whangaparaoa lifestyle and community. Our school is at the centre of that community so I am eager to do my best to help Whangaparaoa Primary school be the best it can be.

Claire Scott  

Hi, I’m Claire Scott. My husband Jude and I have 3 children, all currently attending Whangaparaoa School.
I come from a background of Education. I am a trained primary teacher, and taught in New Zealand for 4 years and England for 2 years. I have worked in both mainstream and special education needs. It’s been a long time since I was in the classroom though, and I admire and respect today’s teachers, and understand the commitment teaching requires.
I also hold a post graduate diploma in Business and Administration, and for the last 15 years I have been working in international education recruitment, working with teacher aides, teachers and senior management, and supporting schools needs around the world. I speak with teachers from across New Zealand and as a result gain an insight into the workings of other primary schools, what their successes have been and initiatives they have tried.
I am proud of the Hibiscus Coast and of Whangaparaoa School. I am a friendly, committed and enthusiastic person. I have a vested interest with our children moving through the year levels, and want the school to be the best it can be, and to support our hard working teachers. School is the hub of a community and I am excited to be involved in this capacity.

Rhys Finn

My family and I have lived on the coast for 9yrs and we have two children attending our school. I am one of two directors of a medium sized building firm and have a passion for property and construction. I enjoy our community spirit. I want our students learning environments and school grounds to look and be the best they can be, not only for our Students but our Teachers, Parents and the wider community, so we can all be proud of being a part of Whangaparaoa School. I want to assist in any way possible and help this school develop and it's students to succeed.

Kaylea Bradshaw

As board members of Whangaparaoa School, we have the important governance role of ensuring each of our children are given the tools to be happy, safe and thriving in a fantastic learning environment. The culture within our school is an important part of our strategy to attract and retain the best teachers and support staff and to ensure our facilities are at the highest standards for our children every day. My experience is in team management, strategy, finance, marketing and multi-site facility growth in the retail environment. I also enjoy coaching and mentoring across many sports and ages. My family and I love living on the coast and being part of our community and my children are in Year two and three at our school. Whangaparaoa school is an important part of our community and a critical step in ensuring the future success of our children.  

Melissa Dawson

I am a working mum to seven-year-old Mary and Isla who are in year 3 at Whangaparaoa School. As a family - the girls, Philip (my husband) and I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of the school community over the past few years. My husband and I run our own consultancy business based on the Coast focusing on website, design and marketing consulting. I currently contract predominantly to Paralympics New Zealand as the Communications Manager.
Previously I have been involved in various marketing and communications roles in a variety of industries from financial services to hospitality both in New Zealand and overseas. My passion is undoubtably in sport and recreation. I have worked in several Regional Sports Trusts across New Zealand providing me with an insight into sport in schools.
I’m looking forward to contributing to the Whangaparaoa School community as a board member. I believe there is a great opportunity to provide all of our children and teachers with the best possible learning environment and a wonderful stepping stone for future success.

Helen Brown

I have two children, Harry and Joshua who have just moved into Year 4 and 2 respectively. I was born and grew up in England before moving to New Zealand in 2001. My husband Rick and I met on the Coastal Classic sailing race and are both still avid sailors. We recently returned to New Zealand after 10 years living in London. I am also currently volunteering as Puppy Walker for the Blind Foundation and am often seen walking Kaitlyn a golden lab puppy.

Professionally I am a qualified chartered surveyor specialising in commercial property advisory. Whilst I don’t have a professional educational background I am very interested in taking an active role in influencing the quality of education and the educational environment. Since my children have started school I have tried to become involved in their classrooms and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the education process both in NZ and the UK.
I see being on the Board at Whangaparaoa School an excellent way for me to use my skills to help create a great learning environment that will enable students to achieve their potential whilst at our wonderful school.


Grant Willis