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  Thursday 14 March 2019 Facebook share

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Dear Parents and Students

This week I have decided to continue our theme on safety, however this time the focus is on adults rather than the children. Before and after school is a busy time for everyone. Parking rules help protect our children and keep them safe. Drivers who park illegally put our kids at risk. This term parking officers may be on patrol outside our school to issue tickets to those who are illegally parked. However the main message I would like to get across to parents is ‘park safely and be considerate outside school'. This includes making sure you respect marked disabled car park spaces, making sure you do not block accessways and please, please take time to use the patrolled pedestrian crossing rather than walking your children across the road. Doing this is not a good example to our children!!

Just to remind you the following parking offences are detailed in the New Zealand Road Code. Fines for illegal parking include:

  • Parked on the footpath or grass verge/ berm $40
  • Parked across or within 1m of a vehicle entrance $40
  • Parked within 6m either side of an unmarked bus stop $40
  • Parked within a marked bus stop $60
  • Parked within 0.5m of a fire hydrant with no one in the car legally capable of moving it $60
  • Parked within a designated bus lane, transit or cycle lane $60
  • Parked on a clearway $60
  • Double parked $60
  • Inconsiderate parking to other road users, incl. pedestrians $60
  • Parked on or within 6m of an intersection $60
  • Parked on a pedestrian crossing $60
  • Parked on a broken yellow line $60

(As set by the Board of Trustees, August 2016, to take effect from February 2, 2017)

  • All children are expected to wear the correct school uniform. 
  • No garments other than approved uniform items will be accepted. 
  • If a child is not wearing uniform, a note of explanation is required from the parent to the office. 
  • The BOT will allow up to a two week time frame to address the uniform issue. 
  • Sunhats – only school bucket hats will be accepted, and they are required to be worn in Term 1 and Term 4. 
  • Children not wearing a regulation school hat will have to be in a shaded area when outside. 
  • Hair is to be neat and tidy, of natural colour. If hair is longer than shoulder length it should be tied up with the following plain coloured hair ties – navy blue, black, white. 
  • Children with pierced ears may wear one pair of small plain unobtrusive studs - only one per ear. 
  • Jewellery of cultural significance will only be accepted with a letter of explanation to the Principal. 
  • Wrist watches are accepted. 
  • No nail polish or make-up is to be worn. 
  • For extra warmth, plain polypropylene or woollen thermal undergarments in plain navy blue, black or white may be worn. 
  • A school beanie may be worn in winter. 
  • Black or blue tights (not leggings) may be worn with dresses in winter. 
  • Children wearing dresses may consider wearing a short pair of plain black or navy blue bike pants, especially if active on the playgrounds, so long as these are not visible. 
  • Only plain black shoes or plain black trainers with plain black laces, or, plain black sandals with heel straps, are permitted. Any shoe with any colour other than black rim is not acceptable. The shoe must be plain black as you look at it from the front, back and side. High heel shoes and shoes above ankle height are not permitted. Shoes must be worn to and from the school grounds and on school trips. Socks are to be plain black, plain navy blue or plain white. 
  • Non School Jackets can be worn to and from school only.

Warren Steel
Acting Principal


  • Paid Union Meeting - Tuesday 19th March - more info here
  • Swimming Sports Yr 5 & 6 - Friday 22nd March
  • School Assembly - Monday 25 March: 10.20-10.50am
  • Photolife Term 2 - Monday 27 May & Tuesday 28 May
  • HBC Interschool Swimming Sports - Thursday 28 March
  • School Gala - Saturday 30th March
  • Swimming Lessons - Leisure Centre - Y3 to Y6 will be starting Term 2 - more info soon


What a day! Approx 700 children doing a triathlon at school - so good!  Well done to everyone who participated and gave it a go! We are so proud of your efforts.

Thank you to everyone who came to support. Thank you to the hard working organisers and helpers. A special thanks to our PFA for organising some energy food for each child at the end of the race - beautiful crisp apples kindly donated by 'Fresh N Fresh 'Whangaparaoa (Karepiro Drive by Labtests), lollies supplied by the Parents and Friends Association. It was so nice to see so many kids out there pushing themselves, and supporting others. Thank you parents for the support you give your children in getting them organised for things like this - we were amazed at the number of bikes that came to school. And those who didn't have bikes were able to borrow one of our school bikes.

Such a great day showing how wonderful our community is. More shots of the day here.


*Library Van Artwork
*Collecting for the SPCA

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