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  Thursday 01 November 2018 Facebook share

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Community Notices


Dear Parents and Students,


Next Friday, November 9 we are having a mufti day for our year 6 students. They are hoping to raise some funds to organise a special end of year graduation event with their families. Students who wear mufti will be asked to contribute a gold coin.


The NZEI, which is the teachers union, has advised the Whangaparaoa School Board of Trustees that teachers from our school will be taking strike action for a full day on Monday 12 November 2018. 
The Board has considered the availability of teaching staff, and we are unable to provide enough teaching cover during the strike. The school will therefore need to close for the day.
It is important that parents make alternative arrangements for the care of your child/children on the day of the strike. We know that this is inconvenient for parents and students alike, but please be assured that student safety is our main concern.

Whangaparaoa School After School Care will operate on the 12 November 2018 for the Teachers Strike Day. Hours: 7.30 am - 5.30 pm. Contact Karen Ph. 021 705804 or email for any inquires, costs or bookings. VERY LIMITED SPACES. NB: Children must be pre-booked and please note you will have to pre-pay for this care. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any queries relating to this decision please direct them here –

Yours sincerely,
Brad Gibbons
On behalf of the Whangaparaoa School Board of Trustees 



As we head towards the end of the year we are sadly farewelling some of our valued staff.

This year the following permanent teachers are leaving - Paul Toghill and his family who are moving to New Plymouth, Jessica Woodcock who is travelling overseas next year, and Maurice Collins who is retiring. We also wish Kendall Maxwell Brown and Nairi Steidinger all the best as they take a years parental leave. Susannah Franks has been granted a years personal leave.

We have been lucky enough to appoint the following quality people - Jonathan Felcey, Kelly Louise, Emma Corbett and Lizzy Dickie. We hope to have these people here on the community evening so we can welcome them to our school.


Over the last 5 years, more and more of our teachers have expressed the desire to work more closely together in a collaborative space, and in a collaborative way. Many have started this process and children have been sharing teaching time with other teachers.

In the Christmas holidays, we have plans to remove the walls for 3 adjoining spaces. This will happen in A5 and A6, M1 and M2, M3 and M4. These spaces will have 2 teachers in them who will have an assigned class each, and they will use the increased space to share teachers, teacher strengths and increased peer collaboration.

Some parents have asked me “Will this happen in all classes ?” The answer is no.
We do not believe in a one size fits all philosophy. Our philosophy is to have a growth mindset around teaching and learning, and to try things that research claims has a positive impact on student learning and teaching. We also believe that different settings and different teachers are important and having a range of choices in our school for our learners is important.

Please be aware that most of our school will keep the current organisation. For 2019, there will be one collaborative space at year 2, one at year 3/ 4 and one at year 5/ 6.

On WEDNESDAY 21 NOVEMBER at  9AM, 2PM and 6.30PM we Invite PARENTS to come along to meetings to find out more about COLLABORATION. We hope you can join us at these meetings and be well informed. These meetings will be held in the staffroom. 


Hats off to our PFA who should definitely take a bow and be acknowledged for the amazing job they did in organising yet another fantastic halloween disco. The costumes were once again captivating and everyone had a great time. Needless to say a whole lot of PFA time and effort went into organising this for everyone. Thanks again. Thanks also to our wonderful parent community support of the event - this makes it all worthwhile and creates such a great community atmosphere. A special thanks also to the great contingent of staff who turned up to enjoy the night. Bouquets to everyone !!


Thank you very much to the 200 parents who have contributed to our class placement process by filling out the online document. We are also appreciative to the many parents who have said that they trust us to do the best we can. Other parents have said to us that we know the teachers best, and that the teachers know the children and who they are as learners at school.

What I ask is empathy around this process. It is extremely complex and takes a month to try and establish a best picture for 2019 for all our learners. We read your requests over and over and always put the children at the forefront of all our decision making.

At times, parents want their friends and their children’s friends to stay together. We would agree this is very important for some of our children. For many of our children however, they need to meet other children, make new friends and be able to explore the difference of a new situation. This enriches them as learners and as citizens growing up in a community.

The one thing I can assure you of is that every child and their needs will be discussed and the decisions we make will be made with consideration to your input, our teachers input and the best picture we can create for all learners.


Well, Folks, the Yummy Stickers were tallied and sent off to The Yummy Sticker Company and I am very excited to report that, with your collective effort, the school has made a whopping $907! That is almost double last year's amount. Incredible! This money goes towards buying more sports equipment for our school.Thank you to all who participated and I look forward to next year's promotion. Go Yummy Stickers!

There are times that school families are faced with a traumatic situation, such as critical illness or unexpected bereavement. The PFA offers support to some of these families by way of petrol vouchers, childcare, food vouchers or similar. To ensure we can continue to do this, and to have a discrete pot of money available, the PFA has decided to hold one fundraising event a year dedicated to raising money for the Care Fund. If you are aware of a family who is coping with a traumatic situation and you would like the PFA to provide some assistance, please speak to a member of the PFA or a member of staff who can point you in the right direction. We know that we can’t work miracles, but we hope that by supporting these families, we can ease some of the burden.The inaugural fundraising event for the PFA Care Fund is the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Movie Night on 7th Nov. Please click on the image for more info including how to buy your tickets!

Thanks to our Halloween Disco Helpers, Sponsors and Supporters - we couldn't have done it without you!

Special thanks to Mark Flannery at Kennards for the extra security fencing, Glynn Kemp for providing his slushy machine, syrups and cups all for free, and of course, our wonderful teachers and helpers who gave up their time to support our School PFA


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