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Dear Parents and Students

Kids aged 11+ plus Road - A Good Idea? This week we are continuing our focus on safety. The section below is adapted from this website and would be very worthwhile for all parents to take time to read.

Is the traffic around your place busy? Are all the roads leading to school busy with traffic every morning and afternoon? So why would you want your child to bike on the road by themselves? What are the road rules for children cyclists? Well if you’re anything like me you just get sick of being in the car.
The traffic situation is entirely different to when we were young and the infrastructure around cycle lanes and pathways is far from ideal, but giving your kids the opportunity to be independent of you is a great gift. The suggested age for kids to ride on the road by themselves is 11 but this is entirely at your discretion. It is dependent on the type of child you have and the skill levels they possess.



The Official NZ Code for Cyclists can be found online here and paper copies should be available from your local council. Please read this yourself and read through it with your child.
What are the rules for the under 11’s?
On the footpath with wheels 14 inches and under (NZ Cyclist Road Code wheel diameter limit) generally tricycles and small toddler bikes, on the road supervised when their bike is bigger than this (16 inches and above).

Bike skills your child will need to ride on the road by themselves:

Ask yourself if they are good at making a decision, have they interacted with traffic enough to understand what cars are likely to do on a road? This can involve all sorts of things from crossing a road, to realising how fast a car moves, to having knowledge of intersections/roundabouts.
Can your child take one hand off the handlebars safely so that they can use hand signals – do they know what the hand signals would be? Could they look over their shoulder for traffic without weaving all over the road?

Tips for beginning:

  • design a route that is the “safest”, taking advantage of cycle pathways and minimising interaction with traffic
  • practice in quiet times before launching them out into traffic
  • increase their confidence and skills on a bike by making it an important part of your family lifestyle from an early age/from now!
  • make sure their equipment works
  • make sure they are visible – think lights, reflectors, bright jackets, bright school bags
  • encourage your school to have cycle skills training sessions with qualified instructors
  • read the NZ road code for cyclists together and get into conversations about the road and traffic. They need to understand NZ road rules and you want them to be an environmentally aware cyclist who is engaged in and scanning the environment (that is concentrating on the task at hand) for the entire commute

Warren Steel
Acting Principal


  • School Assembly - Monday 11 March 10.20-10.50am
  • Triathlon - Wednesday 13th March - more info and times here
  • Netball Final Registrations - Wednesday 13 March - 3pm - B1
  • Paid Union Meeting - Tuesday 19th March - more info here
  • Swimming Sports Yr 5 & 6 - Friday 22nd March
  • HBC Interschool Swimming Sports - Thursday 28 March
  • School Gala - Saturday 30th March
  • Swimming Lessons - at the Leisure Centre - Y3 to Y6 will be starting Term 2 - more info soon


In preparation for the upcoming school triathlon, book a safety check for your child's bike! The Safety check includes: brakes, tyre pressure, pedals, chains cleaned and oiled and helmets checked for correct fitting. Safety checks are $5 per bike and you can book a spot here.

Check out what's new on our Million Dreams website herel.


We would like to remind parents they are welcome to come and use the library with their children in the morning from 8.30am and after school until 3.30pm.


Thank you to everyone so far who has volunteered to help at Gala. Even an hour or so on the day can make a huge difference. To help click here and sign up now.


Don't forget to wear mufti this Friday and bring a bottle for our bottle shop as payment. It could be a drink, condiment, cleaning product or make-up. So long as it's new, unopened, within expiry, not alcohol, and in a bottle, it's allowed and gratefully received.

Next week bring a new toy for the prize tent or a filled Jolly Jar as payment. Some empty jars are available if your child needs one.


You can start dropping off your soft toys and 2nd hand toys from Monday 11 March. Look for the drop-off point in the hall foyer. Clean, working, boxed, bagged, or wrapped toys make sorting the toys a lot easier for our volunteers.

We're also in need of sugar for candy floss, clean jars for Jolly Jars, and beeswax and 100% cotton fabric for our beeswax wrap stall. If you have any school uniform that you no longer need, please consider donating it to our 2nd Hand Uniform stall. All these items can be dropped off at the office.

If you have any queries about Gala just drop us an email. If you or anyone you know wants to support us through sponsorship then please email


This year the Cake Stall will be running competitions with prizes up for grabs. Categories include tastiest, most imaginative, most colourful, best Learning Community themed, best kids and best store bought, amongst others. There's a colouring in competition too, so look out for your cake box which will be coming home to you in a few weeks.


*North Island Diving Championships

*Students Writing

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