Whanau Connect Meetings

Date: 04-Feb-2019


On Monday 4 February and Tuesday 5 February 2019, the first 2 days of school, the Board of Trustees have agreed to the organisation of Parent / Teacher / Child meetings throughout the day.

Why? All the research on student achievement at school points to relationships being a critical factor. Teacher - Child, Parent - Child, and Teacher - Parent relationships hold the key to opening the door for positive learning experiences.

What does this mean for us? We would like every teacher to meet with each child and their whanau for 25 minutes before the school year even begins.

What will the meeting be about? It will be a chance right from day one to meet each other, build a relationship, talk about communication and share information that will help the learner and the support people around the learner, have an enjoyable and successful year.

What times will there be? Times can be booked on Monday 4 February and Tuesday 5 February for children, parents and the teacher to come together.

Will there be evening times? Yes, on Monday 4 February we will provide some evening time slots. The last time slot on this day will be 7.00pm.

Will there be another meet the teacher evening as in previous years? No, not a formal time in term 1. We are trying to make this more personal and helpful to all, right from the start. Parents of course can always see the teacher during the term and find a time if the need arises.

How do I book a meeting? Go to the website www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter our school code: sekxk You will need your child’s 2019 classroom and name of teacher, to complete your booking. If you are unable to complete your booking online, please email pa@wgp.school.nz with child/rens names and preferred times.